Mt. Baldy Ski Area

Mt. Baldy Ski Area is in receivership. As of November 22, 2015, there have been no on hill preparations done for the 2015-2016 season. For further information, contact the receiver, G-Force.

Baldy Capital Corporation has been working toward purchasing the ski area for some time. Their last update on the ski area website, was posted November 7th.

This is an independent blog, for the Mt. Baldy Community.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Opinion

Strata owned roads and cul-de-sacs are not public parking lots.

Photo of the "Ready-Mix Guys" after a hike this morning.

Photo Credit: Nicole Cullen, from Facebook

Where's Charlie?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Time flies.........

It wasn't that long ago that Gabi was the baby in Grandma's arms down at the lodge. Now she is the older cousin helping Grandma taking little Evy for a walk.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mt. Baldy Alpine Club Announces Donation to Rock Creek/Westbridge Fire Victims

The Mount Baldy Alpine Club has been supported by the local community since the start of Mt Baldy in 1968. Our fund raising efforts over the years have helped us develop a strong community based club with racers that have gone on to the BC Ski Team and other milestone events. The community has always been there for the children of the club.

The club consequently feels tied to those individuals affected by the devastating forest fires in the Rock Creek area this past summer. ...In their time of need, we want to give back to this courageous and supportive community. On behalf of the members of the Mt Baldy Alpine Club, we have donated $5000.00 to the Kettle Lions Club fire relief fund for building materials that will help to construct new homes for families that were impacted by the fires.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This afternoon....

Nice Day for a Drive

Phone is still working - several trees on the line after the storm last night - so frustrating trying to communicate with Telus.

Wandering Charlie

Photo lifted from Facebook, thanks Chad. It appears that life with Blake is more exciting for Charlie than life at home. Perhaps a GPS tracking collar would be an appropriate Christmas gift....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mt. Baldy Ready-Mix

Snowing Up Here

The forecast spike in temperature raised the freezing level today, but it is snowing up here. The droplets get texture around 32K, and there is fresh snow on the road starting near the transfer station.

Road Report:
  • could be slick when the temperature drops tonight - the road is wet on top of compact snow, most of the way up
  • there is a "ripple effect" from all the chained up logging trucks on both McKinney and Baldy Roads - more noticeable in the middle of the road...............
  • the potholes are multiplying and getting deeper
  • "Free Carwash" in Penticton this afternoon - lots of puddles on the road, and water falling from the sky
  • Chris I am very happy with the K02's - have had them in all conditions and they are great - will put my studded snows on at some point because I have them, but no hurry as these are doing everything I ask of them, including outperforming Michelins on a Dodge!

Monday, November 16, 2015

More Monday....

Murphy's Law - lots of snow, my snowblower wouldn't start, and the Western Star from down the street broke down. Major snow forecast for tonight.

Slash piles near Camp McKinney

Monday thoughts......

  • shaping up to be a great snow year - a little calm this morning before the next major storm comes in
  • 6 months ago would have been a good time for Seattle, Vancouver and Calgary to sit at the table, come to an agreement,(or not), move ahead or move on