Friday, August 28, 2015

Fairview Evacuation

Baldy family up in Fairview area now under evacuation order due to Testalinden Fire activity.
Details on RDOS website.

Heads Up - Sunday Traffic

Challenge Penticton - Iron Distance Triathlon goes Sunday August 30th. You know the drill - most traffic inconvenience is in the morning - cycle loop Penticton to Osoyoos and up Richter Pass. Eastside Road busy until midnight with the runners, traffic issues in and around Penticton all day.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Testalinden Fire

Increased fire activity prompts RDOS to increase the area under evacuation alert tonight.

Makes one wonder..........

Three new "person caused" fires south east of Kelowna today. Investigation ongoing in Rock Creek.

A little older?

Someone awoke to a yard full of candles this morning.........
Thank goodness for fake flames. Happy Birthday Kevin.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From RDKB - New Alerts and Meetings for Grand Forks and Christina Lake

Stickpin Fire - Information Meetings Wed, Aug 26

Grand Forks-6:00PM High School

Christina Lake-8:00PM Community Hall

RDKB Emergency Info @AlanLStanley 15 minutes ago
Residents Under Evacuation Alert South Area D/Grand Forks-648 properties/1504 residents South Christina Lake-74 properties/170 residents

Don't Call Me..............Don't Ask Me...

There has been no preseason maintenance done at Baldy as of this date. I tried to get some information for you last week. I talked to two parties. The information  received from those individuals was in conflict with the other. I would rather be told that information cannot be released, than be given the run around.

I did my best to convey my concerns regarding protection of assets and urgency for season prep. I understand that Strata is writing a letter to the receiver.

From my industry contacts, I have confirmed that some bills from last season have not been paid, and at least two employees are owed money.

In my opinion the longer this goes on, the less value in the asset. I would expect the Receiver to understand that.

I'm not getting in the middle of whatever is or is not going on between last year's operator and the receiver. If  I get something official, I will post it.

Please direct your 20 questions to someone other than me. You can try the receiver, and I'm sure the strata council will let us know if they get something concrete.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Online Service for Strata

If Hometime has an e-mail address for you, you will have received an "invitation" to register for the online access to minutes, documents, messages etc. Check your spam folder - mine was flagged as spam. If you get your strata stuff by mail, there will be info there on how to register.

Be sure to read the minutes of the August 16th Strata Council Meeting.

Needs Committee and Donation Accounts for Fire Victims

Vicki Gee (Area E) director has compiled this list of places set up for financial Donations to support the reconstruction and recovery for victims of the Rock Creek Fire.

As of 8-25-15 at 7pm, this is a list of organizations and contacts we’ve been made aware of. Please email us at if you have another donation source not listed.
Vicki Gee: Posted 8/25/15 from the Rock Creek Fire and Evacuee Info

Under the guidance of the Red Cross, I'm setting up a Needs Committee that will place responsibility for decisions about rebuilding in local hands. This is a step in the recovery program developed by the Red Cross. They have a template and guidelines for this committee.

This committee will consist of some local individuals as well as representatives from the Red Cross, Samaritan's Purse, Mennonite Disaster Service, Interior Health and Ministry of Social Development.

The RDKB will set up an account at Heritage Credit Union in Greenwood to accept donations that will be managed by this committee. RDKB staff will write cheques at the request of the committee. The process will be transparent and accountable to the public, except for the to the names of individuals who are assisted.

The focus of the committee is to raise money for building materials to rebuild the homes of people who aren't insured. Mennonite Disaster Services will supply volunteer labour and professional services to help people rebuild. We need to raise the money for the building materials.

The committee will develop criteria for who gets helped first, in order to do this as fairly as possible.

I'm really concerned about being able to rebuild homes and keep those people who want to remain in our community.

Please call me if you have any questions. 250 446-2042
Local Banks
Heritage Credit Unions (Greenwood, Castlegar & Slocan). Note "Rock Creek Fire Victims" in the memo line.
Kettle River Lions Fire Relief Fund – All CIBC branches – direct donations to "kettle river lions fire relief fund".

Osoyoos Credit Union, "Southern Okanagan Disaster Relief" Contact: 250 495-6522

Donation buckets have been set up at local businesses. This money is being collected by a coalition of local churches. Contact: Catherine Kappes, The Spot in Midway, 250 449-1970
Fundraising Events
Kettle River Museum has also changed their September 11 fundraiser to benefit Rock Creek Fire Victims. Friday September 11 6pm! - Midway which is Mile 0 of the Kettle Valley Railroad.

Tickets are $15, to purchase call 449-2614. Go to to check out their music.
Organizations who will be actively working in the area:
Canadian Red Cross - "BC Wildfires 2015 Fund" 1-800-418-1111

Salvation Army 250 725-2769

Mennonite Disaster Social Service

Samaritan's Purse 1-800-663-6500

CDART-Canadian Disaster Animal Response Team
Thank you for your generosity!

Tim Foster new GM for Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing

It is our pleasure to introduce and welcome Tim Foster into the Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing family. Tim will be joining us as our new General Manager this September, bringing with him over 25 years of ski industry experience. Originally hailing from British Columbia he has been the General Manager at both the Beaver Valley Ski Club in Ontario and Mount Baldy Ski Area in British Columbia, while also experiencing progressive roles of responsibility at the following western Canada ski resorts: Shames Mountain, Hidden Valley, and Grouse Mountain. With a concentration on resort long range plans and a strong focus on guest experiences being top priorities. "
Congratulations and welcome back to the western powder Tim, Cheryl and family.


Monday, August 24, 2015

From Castanet - "Smoke is Here to Stay" - looks like a couple more days......

Smoke is here to stay

Despite reports from Environment Canada Sunday that the smoke was on its way out Monday – the smoke is here to stay for a few more days.
Tarek Ayache, air quality meteorologist with the Ministry of Environment, says there is extreme smoke particulate matter in the air right now and conditions aren't changing any time soon.
“So the outlook for the next few days, unfortunately, does not look good,” says Ayache.
“There is no precipitation in sight for the whole region. The wind flow is still going to be south westerly, which means it is blowing from the south to the north. So, as long as there is no major change in the fire activity in Washington State, it looks like the smoke is still going to be blowing our way.”
Ayache says there does not appear to be any major change in the forecast for the next two days at least, meaning smoky conditions will hang around until at least Wednesday – but, he says, smoke activity is very difficult to predict.
Monday marks the second straight day of thick smoke in the area and the second straight day of a Smoky Skies Advisory for the entire Okanagan, Similkameen and Fraser Canyon areas.
“Unfortunately today the air quality is still poor,” says Ayache.
The air quality level right now in the Kelowna area is 220 µg/m3 (micrograms per cubic metre), compared to the acceptable limit which is 25 µg/m3. In fact, the average concentration over the last 24 hours was 307 µg/m3.
“It is very smoky, the air quality is very poor,” says Ayache. “That average is 12 times the acceptable limit for fine particulate matter.”
Ayache reported yesterday on Castanet that the smoke conditions are so bad they are comparable to 2003 – but, further investigation has revealed yesterday's smoke conditions were actually much worse (minus the falling ash and embers).
“In 2003, the maximum recorded values were 300 µg/m3 whereas in Kelowna yesterday the maximum 390 µg/m3 recorded. So this is the worst episode we have seen since 2003,” says Ayache.
“This is really heavy smoke and it is worth noting that even carbon monoxide levels have shown a sharp increase in Kelowna. So, it is a very intense episode. We have carbon monoxide, we have fine particulates, we have other volatile gases.”
This intense smoke episode is being pushed up from Washington state and is effecting more than just the Okanagan. Smoke is being reported further north in the province and it is making its way to Alberta. It is currently forecasted to drift across the province and into the Edmonton region.
Ayache warns residents to take the Smoky Skies Advisory and protect their health, especially those with health concerns.
“As it stands, the smoke is still thick. There is a lot of fine particulates in the air and the air quality is still poor,” says Ayache.