Thursday, March 26, 2015

Public Hearing

Thank-you to the many cabin owners who showed up for the public hearing, and those who took the time to send in written submissions. I believe that our concerns were heard, and the representatives of the RDKB have a much better understanding of our community.

I left with more insight into how diverse and spread out the RDKB is.

  • many good points were made on sprinklers - impractical, costly to install, costly to heat unoccupied buildings, insurance issues, and threat to the water system when a pipe breaks
  • consensus that the landscape and parking issues should be Strata issues, not governed by RDKB  -we don't have issues with parking, they are our roads and we maintain them
  • general agreement that shedding roofs be allowed - metal better than ashphalt for forest fires, snow shedding plan needed,
  • comments that the OCP was driven by the previous developer, and that strata directors in previous meetings with RDKB were under the impression that Strata KAS1840 would be exempt from a lot of the stuff
General discussion about the importance of growing the community, and avoiding unnecessary red tape and costs.

I left before the hearing was over - I expect we will hear something from the Strata Council.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Live Webcam

Press Release from Baldy Capital Corporation.

For Immediate Release: (Oliver, BC)  March 24 / 2015


Mount Baldy Ski Area officially closed for the season on Sunday March 22 / 2015 with the annual Slush Cup event being held at the hill. Mount Baldy Ski Area closed with great support from the local community, who came back to support the hill after it was closed the previous season.


“Baldy Capital Corporation was thrilled to bring back skiing and snowboarding to Mount Baldy Ski Area and felt the 2014 / 15 season was a great success. While operating with limited terrain this season, the ski hill was blessed with great conditions and the snow held up throughout the season. While many other ski hills were closing early based on the lack of snow, Mount Baldy Ski Area was able to stay open late into March due to the tireless efforts of the Mount Baldy Ski Area’s staff and volunteers.” noted Fred Johnston, President of Baldy Capital Corporation.


Baldy Capital Corporation took on the management of the hill in mid-December and it was a race to get open after being closed the previous year. Baldy Capital Corporation understood that this year’s operations would not be a profitable endeavor, but felt it was important to showcase to the local community that the hill was back operating and there was a new committed to bring affordable skiing to the community.


Baldy Capital Corporation spent this season getting more familiar with the hill and learning from the local community what they would like to see the hill become in the future. Baldy Capital Corporation quickly learned that there is something very unique about Mount Baldy Ski Area which brings families back year after year.


Looking forward to next season Baldy Capital Corporation anticipates all of the skiable terrain to be open and the management team will be working over the summer on some new initiatives to include:


·         New ski and snowboard rental equipment

·         Hosting of more schools throughout the year and enhancing the Learn to Ski programs

·         Developing new partnerships with local non-profit and charity organizations

·         Hosting a Stay in School program which would partner at risk youth with local mentors, for a fun day of skiing and mentorship

·         Mount Baldy Ski Area will be offering the opportunity for corporations to book the entire hill during the days the hill is closed to the general public (Monday through Thursday). This will offer corporations a chance to host their staff, suppliers, and clients for a full day of skiing, with the entire hill at their personal disposal. This package will include lifts tickets, rentals, food and beverage, and a fun and interactive ski race

·         Development of affordable “Ski and Stay” packages in partnership with our twelve hotel partners in Oliver and Osoyoos

·         Introduction of a new and affordable food and beverage menu for the cafeteria and bar areas

·         Introduction of a discount ski card in which the purchaser will receive a number of free days on the hill and a substantial discount on lift tickets for the remaining ski visits


“Baldy Capital Corporation understands that we have a lot of work to accomplish this off season to make sure we are offering a quality experience for the 2015 / 16 season and beyond. As part of this commitment to improve, Baldy Capital Corporation is also working on plans to have a new day lodge in place for the 2016 / 17 season. These plans are still in the preliminary stages but the management team feels it is important to get a new day lodge in place to improve on the overall skier experience.” stated Johnston


Baldy Ski Area and Baldy Capital Corporation wants to thank the entire community for their continued support and looks forward to offering a new and improved Mount Baldy Ski Area next season.


Media Contact:

David Howard


Baldy Capital Corporation

Monday, March 23, 2015

Service for Ron Roylance, May 16th

Memorial Service for Ron Roylance


Saturday, May 16, 2015 at 1pm


Midway Community Hall

link to post from December

Cabin Owners - March 26th Reminder

Please scroll down and read the recent post from your strata council. More bodies at the public hearing would help, but if you can't come, consider sending your support in writing.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ian's Go Pro

Hands down, best slush photos of the day were taken by Ian with his Go Pro.

Here you go Wyatt..........

Season Ended with a Splash!

I took more than 80 images after lunch today, and I don't think I'll get them all sorted out tonight.

Love you Marge, thanks for bringing your Mom up this weekend Rod.
Marge encouraged the family atmosphere for Baldy from day one. Thanks for all you have done for Baldy.

Cienna, the next generation. Mom Tanja and Dad Kyle met while working at Baldy.

A little air before the splash.

Oh yeah, Nils stayed dry.

Great Weekend, Great Events, and of course it started snowing heavily after the lifts closed.

Lee's Mom lives at Whistler - nice to have her skiing Baldy this weekend.

Jessica, Rob, Roberta and Nicole

It probably wasn't a good idea for me to try to keep up with the Rauhalas, Schoyens, and Greg this afternoon, but it was fun to share the last runs of the season with them. Thanks for taking the photo Greg.
Paul, Nicole, Kirsten Me, Roberta, Jessica and Rob.

Lex, we did two runs down Jones for Ethel.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dummy Downhill - always a crowd pleaser...........

Big Air Barney rides again, and wins an extra prize from Randy of Desert Hills Winery.


You never know who might show up at Spring Break.................

Titanium Shelby is recovering well - I checked the tree today - it is fine.

Made my day and my season to see Ralf here today. His girls and their cousins did very well on the magic carpet. A lesson from Lee, and some help from Ralf who hasn't forgotten how to teach after all these years.

A hug and a visit with Paul's Mom today.